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Let's Go Guide - Ensuring you know What's On, Where and When!
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Welcome To
Let's Go Guide

The Let's Go Guide is an exciting FREE magazine full of useful information and special offers designed specifically for busy families. Distributed through schools the Let's Go Guide currently has a print run of approximately 120,000 copies to a growing market in the North of England. The Let's Go Guide is currently printed seasonally in spring, summer, autumn and winter and is filled each edition with lots of practical, information, adverts, special offers and discounts for fun packed exciting days out with the family at a fraction of the normal cost.

Company History


My name is Debra Challinor and I am the proud mother of 2 beautiful girls I first had the idea about Let’s Go! Guide approximately 4 years ago. It was the usual routine of arriving home with my young daughter, picking up her school coat and shoes after she kindly deposited them on the living room floor!

I began the daily rummage, as parents do, through her book bag to find ‘I ate all my Dinner’ Stickers, Award Certificates, Head lice in School Letter when I came across a small A5 sheet of paper.

On this was a cut price offer to a local party venue and surrounding it was advertisements it was then I had an idea. Why not create something very colourful compact in size and try to fill it with lots of discounts for families.

Over time the idea kept growing not only did I want discounts I knew as a parent that when the school holidays started it was always hard to decide where to go on a lovely day.


So I decided that recommendations and ideas could also be included not only that but why not share some good wholesome recipes. The name of the magazine was easy after all I have had 2 young children who were always seeing places they wanted to visit and as we passed started shouting Let’s Go there!

A busy life and commitments placed my magazine idea on hold until August 2012 when an opportunity arrived where I could start to focus and turn an idea into reality. I gathered together a great Team headed by my eldest daughter, Kayleigh and have not looked back since. As I wanted families to receive the magazine free I needed permission from the Schools Heads and Bursars and after speaking with them directly I found they also thought that this type of magazine would be a fantastic idea and benefit to families.

It has taken many months to build up a good school count and there are still many schools we would like to reach but finally we have reached over 20,000 copies!



Reach 1000's of customers with Let's Go Guide. We publish a FREE magazine to a growing audience currently over 20,000 potential customers in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

For more information call us today on 0800 542 5873 or download our advertising specification and price details opposite.


We're on Social media, You can contact us and keep up to date with the latest happenings and our latest publications via Facebook, Twitter and linkedin. As an advertiser we make sure you reach as many customers as possible!


Order the latest copy of the Let's Go Guide for you business or school. Please fill in the form below and we will send you up to a maximum of 25 copies for only £3.99 to cover postage costs.

If you require more copies please contact us to arrange delivery of more copies. Contact us at the bottom of our website!


The Let's Go! Guide currently has some exciting vacancies for enthusiastic and experienced telemarketing people for an immediate start.Experience in the Media world is essential. If you are looking for a fresh new way to sell advertising then contact us today.