A stunning collection of ARTWORK by Janette Cross.

Janette, is a wife and a mother of two who creates stunning pieces of artwork.

I cut my designs into Lino to create a print that I use with inks. I also work with acrylics on canvas and sometimes I combine the two.


I thoroughly enjoy creating art, I get a lot of pleasure from it.  I also like the idea of other people enjoying my art and so I sell my art at very reasonable and affordable prices.











My prices start from £15 and and then rise dependent on size and what is required.  Currently, my most expensive in my shop is £50.



Janette’s Story

I currently work as a support worker for the disabled/adults with learning disabilities.

In my spare time I’m an artist.  I’ve loved art since I was very young and just recently, the last 6 months or so, I have taken it up again.

I have just completed a double diploma in art therapy and I’m just doing a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with a view to starting an art therapy workshop in the new year.  ( no more than 3 people) you can contact me if you require further information on this





I have a huge collection of artwork suitable to everyone

These pieces make beautiful gifts.

Please contact me below to discuss your requirements.













Contact Details

Call: 07549956872    Email: jancro3105@gmail.com